Sunday, October 16, 2011

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2011, 7pm

On Sunday, November 13, 2011, at 7pm, THE JUBILANT THICKET LITERARY SERIES features poetry readings by Patrick Lucy & Daniel Coudriet, poetry & storytelling by Asher Lewis & prose by Angelo Colavita.

PATRICK LUCY lives and works in Philadelphia. He's a member of the New Philadelphia Poets and the author of two chapbooks, LIVE FIELDS: GROWTHS 1-5 (self released) and WILLIAM (con/crescent press, forthcoming). Recent work has appeared or will shortly in Gulf Coast, elimae, Revista Laboratorio, Wheelhouse and more. Patrick keeps notes and catalogues ephemera at
DANIEL COUDRIET lives with his wife and son in Richmond, Virginia, and in Carcarañá, Argentina. He is the author of Say Sand (Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2010) and Parade (Blue Hour Press, 2011). His poems and translations of Argentinean poetry have made recent appearances in Verse, Boston Review, Bateau, The Laurel Review, Parcel, Typo, and elsewhere.

ASHER LEWIS was birthed inside a Russian Jewish mystical tradition.  His hobbies include woodworking, long walks on the beach, collapsing space/time. He has work forthcoming in The Atlantic, The New Yorker.  When he asks how you're doing, he's interested in how you're doing.  He's a writer/existential crimefighter and a stealth ninja of kindness.  He believes love is the answer but how do we figure out the right questions.

ANGELO COLAVITA has been reading stories and poems throughout his
native Philadelphia for the past decade. Rooted in Existentialism,
Post-Modernism, Surrealism and the Occult, and drawing influence from
the likes of Robert Montgomery Bird, Samuel Beckett and Donald
Barthelme, Angelo has been called "Jacques Derrida's worst
night-terror." In addition to his literary work, he has written and
produced two theatre pieces, "Audience" and "The Cage & The
Hearteater." A monthly reading series, "Handsome Devils," organized by
Angelo, is set to begin in early 2012.  He has
been published on various sites online, in Moonstone
Arts' "Poetry Ink" Anthology (Moonstone/Plan B Press), and most
recently in Apiary Issue #2 (Spring/Summer 2011).

This all happens, as usual, at the wonderful Walking Fish Theatre, 2509 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA.  Come, come come!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

SUNDAY, October 9, 2011, 5pm

On Sunday, October 9th 2011 at 5pm, The Jubilant Thicket Literary Series presents poetry by Travis MacDonald, prose by Abbi Dion & cultural criticism from femininja Maria Raha.

TRAVIS MACDONALD’s first book, The O Mission Repo, is available from Fact-Simile Editions ( and his second collection, N7ostradamus was released by BlazeVox books in late 2010. Basho's Phonebook, an e-chap of experimental translations is available at E-ratio. He currently lives, writes and looks for work in Philadelphia.

ABBI DION writes for the blog Career Girls ( and runs the WineO Reading Series ( She hails from St. Paul, Minnesota and grew up reading Little House on the Prairie, Sweet Valley High, Christopher Pike, Anna Akhmatova and Pär Lagerkvist. She currently works for Temple University as a Higher Education Administrator and lives in Philadelphia with her soon-to-be hubby and their dogchild, Henri.

MARIARAHA (born 1972) is an American author and rock journalist from New York. She graduated from Ithaca College.  She specializes in the American rock underground. She has worked for major music publications such as Vibe and Spin as well as magazines like Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture.  She also contributed to the anthology "Young Wives' Tales : New Adventures in Love and Partnership" with the short story "Pillow Talk" (2001), and "The W Effect: Bush's War on Women", Feminist Press, (2004).  In 2005 she released the book Cinderella's Big Score: Women of the Punk and Indie Underground. The book was published by Seal Press.  Maria is managing editor of Swingset, an art and music journal based in New York City. She currently lives in Philadelphia, PA.

This all occurs, as always at The Walking Fish Theatre, 2509 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia PA.  Will be AMAZING!!  Please come.