Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SUNDAY, June 11, 2012, 7pm

On Sunday, June 11, 2012, at 7pm, THE JUBILANT THICKET LITERARY SERIES presents poetry by Andrew Hughes, Jonathan Lohr & Jonathan Schoenfelder, & prose by Catherine Averill.

ANDREW HUGHES is the author of the chapbook, SWEETHEARTS OF THE GREAT MIGRATION (BookThug 2008) & the full-length collection, NOW LAYS THE SUNSHINE BY (BookThug 2010). He is co-editor (with the poet Whit Griffin) of the journal, BRIGHT PINK MOSQUITO. His work has appeared in Puppyflowers, Big Bell, Cannibal, Forklift, Ohio, & others. He lives in Gloucester, Massachusetts. 

JONATHAN LOHR was first spotted brooding in a Michelle Branch video in 2003. Leaving that all behind for an ascetic life of poetry, he now lives in Philadelphia, writes poems and publishes books through Scharmel Iris Vanity Press.

CATHERINE AVERILL is pursuing an MFA in Fiction at Temple University
where she teaches composition. She hopes to change the world through
her writing or her baking or Jonathan Lohr, a surprisingly lifelike
robot of her creation.

JONATHAN SCHOENFELDER is a poet from Aberdeen, South Dakota. He moved to Boise, Idaho and received a Bachelor’s degree from Boise State University and currently lives in Philly studying at Temple University for an MFA in Poetry. You can follow him on tumblr at

This all occurs at Moonstone Arts Center, 110A South 13th Street, Philadelphia PA.  Will be wonderful -- please come.