Monday, March 28, 2011

SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 2011, 5PM

On Sunday, April 10th, 2011, at 5pm, THE JUBILANT THICKET LITERARY SERIES features poetry by Joe Hall & Wade Fletcher, & visual poetry by Francesca Costanzo.

JOE HALL is the founder & co-organizer (with Wade Fletcher) of the Washington, D.C. area reading series Cheryl's Gone.  His first book, Pigafetta Is My Wife, was published by Black Ocean Press in April 2010.  He is also an avid collector of bloody noses.

WADE FLETCHER lives in Falls Church, VA with his wife & their wonderful new son.  He teaches composition, literature, & poetry at two of the George Universities:  Mason & Washington, & also serves as assistant manager for Fall of the Book, a yearly literary arts festival.  He completed his MFA in poetry in 2008 at GMU, where he held the Heritage Writer Fellowship.  A former poetry editor for Phoebe, he now coordinates Cheryl's Gone, a monthly multi-genre reading & performance series in Washington D.C.  His chapbook, Snitch Culture, was published in 2007, & recent poems have appeared in Barrelhouse & Versal.

FRANCESCA COSTANZO sought refuge in her room for writing poetry at the age of five.  At age six, she took photographs at family gatherings.  Now, she blends the two together to create a mood, an emotion, a sequence in time.  Never knowing the final outcome, she manipulates her piece until words jump off the pages & images pop like firecrackers.  Like still moving pictures showing what just was, & what has been forever captured in time.

This all occurs, as usual, at The Walking Fish Theatre, 2509 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia.  Please come!

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